Amos Ch Sangma, Director.  contact No. 8787340792

George Ch Momin, SIMS, Jengjal School contact No. 7005208951

Rakme Ch Marak,  SIMS, Rongram School: contact No. 7982002076

Jinoth Rabha, SIMS, Upper Sualmari:   contactNo. 6909045728

Lilliph M Sangma, SIS, Rongchugre: contact No.7005713750

Sengbal A Sangma, SIMS. Thapa A'gitchak contact No. 7005689901

Himaline M Sangma, SIMS, Rongchanggre, contact No. 8787895030


If you have any query

and complains about  our School and Hostel you

may call any of us. 






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