Vision Statement: “Help the needy, shape the life and preserve for better tomorrow”

Mission Statement: “To bring the people from darkness to Light, through teaching and making Disciple” 

Motto of school: “To make better boys and girls for tomorrow”

Aims and Objects: To work in the field of Education, scientific,literacy, sports, nature  and destitude society” 

About us:  “Sewa” is a Hindi word which mean “to serve” and “Inland” mean country or village. By these two words you can understand that this NGO is formed to serve the people of our land, mostly in village level, to  those  who are in darkness and backward class people. Established in 30th October 2012, from there on we are working in the area of education. And we have been giving awareness in the villages about the importance of educations, importance of trees, animals, water conservations; we value the creator and his creations .

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